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Someday, a vacation

How awesome would this be?

Yes, okay, I'm most excited about the PEI part, but the whole thing sounds like a lot of fun.

I wonder when I will have $1,000+ lying around again... hmm... maybe before retirement...
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My wife and I did a driving tour that had a very similar route to the one this tour does a few years ago. To be honest, we enjoyed PEI much more than Nova Scotia. So while the tour may be quite nice, you'd probably enjoy yourself just as much if you only did PEI.
Really? Admittedly I haven't spent much time in Nova Scotia, PEI was easier to get around, but I didn't find it too bad what I have seen.
LOL! We can always plan a similar summer trip, and possibly for cheaper if we stay in B&Bs. *grin*