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You are Lisa Simpson. You are smart and caring. You
have many talents, though none of them are
hidden. You can be a bit overwhelming and as
such you're not very popular. But that doesn't
worry you because all your true friends live in

Which Simpsons character are you?
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Books? How about TV? And the computer? Heehee.

In other news... got 3 pages done on a possible Sleepers sequel! Here's the teaser/ prologue, for those who are interested...

On a dead world there is a legend...
...etched into impermeable stone to test the ages. The people are dead, they have been for some time, but the legend remains. It tells the tale of a boy, a boy who became a young man on that very world, long ago, in a time too distant for human minds to rightly comprehend. A young man who would change everything.

He was not so strange, this young man, at least not from outward appearances. He had two legs, two arms, two eyes, ten fingers and ten toes, the legend claims. His eyes were blue and his hair was brown; physically he was unremarkable.

He came from a long history, a proud and gifted people who prided themselves on their intuitive minds and generous nature. Once, long before the boy was ever alive, these people created a magnificent culture... only to be plagued by a vicious disease which threatened their very existence. Cures were sought. Technology was put to the test, including that which could turn back the spinning dial of time. But nothing worked. Many died. But others found a different way.

The disease could only ravage their bodies, so they left their bodies behind. They changed. They became something else, something that could not be so easily torn asunder by a simple virus, something grand and magnificent... and powerful.

And it was a wonderful power... but it was also terrible.

Not all those who had changed were willing to bear the burden of their might, and bear it responsibly. They crushed planets for the sheer amusement. They destroyed life across the galaxy, and they crippled some civilizations beyond repair. These fiends were cast out, done away with, but they left their mark behind for the rest of Creation. Strict rules were created as to how these changed people could affect the lives of corporeal mortals... and some of the changed, tainted by the malevolent actions of their compatriots, decided to remake themselves once more. Once more they changed, converting energy into flesh, releasing the power, becoming mortal.

They created a new civilization on a new world, happily resuming the normal course of their lives. Wary of forgetting the past - and, through that forgetfulness, bringing ill will upon themselves - they made records of what had happened, this long history, this time of greatness and great suffering. But they did not dwell on it. They called themselves the Memori - in their language, the Grateful - and grateful they were.

Their changed friends placed on this new world a portal so that the Memori would never be truly alone, but they enjoyed their isolation. Their new culture flourished, and while it was never industrial it was comfortable and pleasant. Although they had turned their backs on power they had not rejected science, and so the skies were studied with great interest, powerful medicines made from the ichors of plants and animals, and strong buildings made of sturdy rock.

And then there were the gifts. The abilities the Memori had possessed before they changed were still alive in their reborn flesh. They were selective, passed down through generations. None had all, but all had one: the gift of healing, the gift of second sight, or the gift of languages.

The boy who became a young man, the boy of this legend, was born many thousands of years after the Memori recreated themselves.

I know, it doesn't mean very much right now, but it's important to the plot. Promise.


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