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Salad day

It's not just a saying. I really did eat a lot of salad today.

I also finished re-reading Hideaway, by Dean Koontz. I love love love it even more every time. Now, anyone who knows me won't be surprised by this... I'm a Koontz addict. I don't know how many novels he's written (perhaps around 30?) but I have all but one. I've even bought two (By the Light of the Moon and One Door Away from Heaven, his most recent) in hardcover, and I don't do that for just anybody. The man is one-third of my Holy Trinity of Writers at this point in my life. Some are okay, a lot are good, and many are great.

Hideaway is one of the great ones. Like the others that I consider to be outstanding, it mixes in so many genres -- horror, suspense, romance, humor, a dash of the paranormal and a hint of spirituality. True, sections of the book are very graphic; the antagonist is a psychopathic young man who kills and mutilates his vicitims in the hope that it'll earn him passage to Hell. But Hideaway also has a message, a great message about life and love, and the end... well, the entire 400 page (paperback edition) book is completely worth the last seven or so pages. The characters are wonderful and the conclusion is more satisfying than Koontz usually gets in the sense of resolution.

Gush gush gush. It's all I seem to do these days. But then again, my Trinity...

*goes to see if she's feeling inspired enough to write*
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Are you teasing us deliberately? :-)

And not just one, but two teasers in this entry. <smiles> The first is, which Koontz book are you missing? And the second is, who are the other two members of your writers' Trimurti? 'Enquiring minds want to know.' :-D

My favorite Koontz are two of his earliest, more sci-fi flavored than what he currently writes. "A Werewolf Among Us", which was good, and "This Haunted Earth", which was great. The opening scene where the protagonist wards off a non-Christian vampire using a day-glo orange plastic crucifix has stayed with me for nearly thirty years now.

Also, have you tried Alibris to see if you can find your missing Koontz? It's a great place for finding out of print books, and the prices are generally reasonable.

Meph (off to pester someone else in their LJ now ;-)
Re: Are you teasing us deliberately? :-)
You know, I really can't remember which it is... I know it's one of the older ones. I'll have to go look it up later.

And my Holy Trinity? They're an unlikely group, but... Dean Koontz, Brad Wright and Bill O'Reilly. :D