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Just a question

Should you have to prove your identity (i.e. some kind of govt issued ID) in order to be able to vote?

Don't know/undecided/duuuur
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Mostly all the voting fraud crap that's been in the news lately. It just amazes me that people are able to come up, sign their name with NO ID and walk off with an absentee ballot. Gee I wonder why we end up with cats and dead people who are registered and homeless bums registered 20 times -- it's this kind of crap.
Oh for the love...I remember when even being ALLOWED to vote was a picky process.

Then you got my answer.

ETA: Oh for the love again. I voted wrong. *HEADDESK and sheepish grin* This girl needs to sleep. :P

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It's harder to check out a book from a library than it is to vote.

Back in the day it was fairly easy for people to know just about everyone in the voting precinct. But now you have "combined" precincts, especially in the cities, where thousands of people vote. It's impossible to keep track of everyone much less make sure that no one is voting more than once.

Unless you have to establish your identity prior to voting!

It pains me that my dead relatives are most likely still voting :/

It's this reason that I don't believe the system works. Besides, who's to say who REALLY voted? What's to keep someone from changing the numbers?
Hmmm...I've been voting by absentee ballot for many years now, but I could have sworn when I voted at the polling place, they checked me for ID before I could vote. My drivers license I think. I live in Calif. so it may only pertain to this state.
I always have to show my driver's license before I vote, and I don't see what the big deal is.

Then again, I also don't think it's OK to register a guy to vote 73 TIMES like ACORN did, so what do I know.
We have to do it here if we don't have an official voting card. It just makes sense.