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Your result for The Presidential Capacity Test...

Chief Justice

68% Values, 53% Charisma and 82% Judgment!

“Our chief justices have probably had more profound and lasting influence on their times and on the direction of the nation than most presidents.” - Richard M. Nixon

Not this time. Let's face it. You're little too stuffy to make it to the top. Maybe you stutter, or maybe you're just not pretty enough - either way, the American public's not ready to have you stammering and muttering your way through press releases in front of the entire world.

You've got the credentials and you've got strong values, but your face is probably better suited in the Supreme Court. Hell, Chief Justice is one of the most prestigious positions there is. Your integrity and strong judgement makes you perfect for the role. We'll leave you to deal with all the legal mumbo jumbo and paperwork.

Other possibilities:


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