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The first half of the weekend has gone by terribly, terribly quickly.

Mom and Dad and I watched Iron Man tonight. It was as awesome as I remembered.

Oh, and yes, Mom, Dad, Jamie and Shelby made it back from vacation in DC safe and sound last night, and the house was sufficiently clean for my folks' liking.

We had a couple days of nicely-overcast weather and now it's going to start warming up again. What the hell??

Thank you thank you thank you to all of the generous contributors to my classroom. I have bought crayons and paper, a rug and pillows for the classroom library, a class set of book bags, book bins, and a few other goodies at the dollar store. I also want to look for some books on tape and materials for file-folder games and reading centers. As promised, am I writing fic for my wonderful 'tribbers -- I have several outlined and hope to have them all out by the end of the year.
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Cool, Alli, I'm so glad that your fund drive was so successful. Hopefully, your students will appreciate your kindness.


Another idea...I know when I was a volunteer for the local library here in Sacramento, we used to sell books that weren't being checked out regularly. These included children's books.

I was wondering if you could check with the local library system there in town, and see what their policy was about donating books they no longer keep on their shelves.

Also, I just heard a new story here on our local news (which is why I'm mentioning this, because I just heard it and I can remember!), where a local SuperCut is donating their proceeds for haircuts for a three hour block on Sunday night for a charitable cause.

Again, here the work would be on you, contacting the local businesses. Perhaps if you could you make it a challenge...that a local SuperCut could cut more hair than a local Sally Beauty Supply.

Just an idea.

Best wishes, Morjana