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Alli's Classroom Fundraiser

So, I didn't want it to come to this.

But the fact is that I am a teacher at a low-income school that's been having problems with cash-flow, both because of the state's issues and because of things going on at the school itself. I don't have enough chairs for all my students, and barely enough desks. We have no librarian at the school and therefore no way for students to check out library books, so my class library is extremely small. I have bought paper, sentence strips, activity books, binders, and many other things for the classroom -- today I bought a rug because my classroom has no carpet, just vinyl tile.

The curriculum I have to use is extremely dry and I'm doing what I can to liven things up so the kids - who are in general unmotivated remedial students - have a reason to want to go to school in the morning. I spoke to the VP on Friday and he's going to look into some options, but I don't want to wait for the administration. On Friday I went and bought some materials to make center activities. I also want each student to be able to have their own book bag, I would like an easel, markers and construction paper, red pens for correcting, and more things like the rug I bought to make the classroom more comfortable and welcoming. Plus, you know, books. But I'm also in the process of buying a home -- I just don't have the financial flexibility that I have had in the past. So consider this the official kickoff to

allisnow's Classroom Fundraiser

Basically, yes, I'm asking for donations. I definitely won't judge anybody who doesn't want to or can't contribute because I know that I'm not the only person in the world having financial woes. But I figure that every little bit helps.

To every person who donates I will write them a 300 word minimum fanfic for the fandom of their choice. I know it's not the greatest incentive, but at least I feel like it allows me to retain a little dignity.

So, here's what I'm going to do. Comments to this post will be screened. If you would like to donate, my paypal email is If you can't use paypal, comment and I will definitely be happy to work something else out. Just fill out the form below and consider your good deed done for the... oh, year at least. I just wish I could make it tax-deductible.

Thank you in advance,

How much would you like to donate to Alli's classroom?
Can you use PayPal?
What kind of fic would you like in return?
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