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So the rest of my family is spending the week in DC -- it's just me and the animals. Which isn't so bad, really, although I keep forgetting that I don't have to worry about my brother coming home while I'm busy giggling at my computer (yes, I'm working on the last season of Charmed. You know Penny from Big Bang Theory? I had totally forgotten that she was a regular during S8. I keep waiting for the rest of the cast to show up).

The bank has agreed to my offer for the condo, which is pretty exciting, although I won't let myself get really excited until I have signed in blood. I got a cashiers check yesterday for the deposit; the next steps will be getting the inspections done and putting together the paperwork for my loan. I will try to remember to take some pictures during the inspection so I can show you what I'm getting into ;)

I went to the baseball game last night! We did lose 2-1 to the Dodgers (boo hiss) but the main reason I went was because it was JT's official last game. The crowd's reaction to him coming out was phenomenal, except of course for the very confused Dodger's fans. The pictures I got aren't fantastic or anything...

The view from my seat, part 1

The view from my seat, part 2

Everybody on their feet for my pookie

Pookie close-up

Another blurry shot

But I went for the experience, not because I'm a great photog.

In any case, if I want to enjoy pictures of JT, I always have this one. And this one. Oh and this one.

*giggles like a maniac some more*

Oh, and Kelly -- I found the rug I need, at least I think it should work fine... it's medium blue, pretty sturdy-feeling, and it was 5' x 7' for less than $40. aThe funny thing is... I had resigned myself to going to Wal-Mart, I drove down to the nearest one... and realized for the first time that it was no longer a Wal-Mart. It's a K-Mart, which is, you know, still a Mart, but these days it's not that much different from Sears.

Now I'm doing laundry, and I'm also going to do some stuff for school... after I doze for a little bit, I think. I've got a PMS headache trying to come on. Time for caffeine.


ETA: Looking for more pictures of last night:

Game 161 began with former first baseman J.T. Snow's cameo appearance under a one-day contract, which allowed him to retire as a Giant. The tribute was as well-choreographed as it was brief. Having received a huge ovation when he was announced as part of the starting lineup, Snow sprinted alone to his position before the first inning, accompanied by a cameraman and more cheers. The other Giants joined him an instant later. After Snow's fellow infielders teased him with wild warmup throws, he jogged back to the dugout before the game started, prompting handshakes and hugs from the other infielders and Cain along the way.
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