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lazy Saturday channel-changing

Power Rangers: Jungle Fury?


ETA: Wow, ten-plus years and this show has not changed in the least. Except now they're white rhinos and purple cougars and stuff instead of dinosaurs.

Is it sad that I totally remember the original cast? Jason (red), Billy (blue), Trini (yellow), Zack (black) and Kimberly (pink). Oh, and Tommy (green/white). *looks dreamy at the memory of Tommy*
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I never watched Power Rangers myself. But, having a ten year old brother, I can tell you that there are at least four different Power Ranger series currently being broadcast. (Dunno if all of them are currently being made or if some of them are only in repeats. They're as bad as Pokemon.)
There have been like 89 different shows now! Tommy was a teacher in dino thunder. I lol'ed ;D