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Reflections on yesterday's to-do list

- Almost finished reading APoM. I have a habit of speed-reading something the first time through and I'm trying to make myself take this a little slower so I actually, um, remember what I read.
- Did laundry -- well, most of it. I have one last load of whites/towels in the dryer atm.
- Found some of my bedroom floor. My God I have a lot of crap.
- Went shopping with my aunt... bought two outfits for work at Kohl's, and she bought me an outfit at Penney's.
- Did not go to Gottschalks, but did order two cute pairs of shoes from Yay for 20% off!
- Got my FasTrak and registered it and everything
- Watered plants
- Chlorinated the pool

I also watched a couple Charmed eps (I'm now in early S4), downloaded more X-Files eps for when I'm done with Charmed (up to S6... I loved S6), worked on my SGA music vid, and... I guess that's it.

Today I need to vacuum, straighten up the living room and kitchen (because my folks might be home today or might be home tomorrow, but with my luck they'll be home in like 5 minutes), finish laundry, excavate some more of my room, and... I'm wondering if I should call the school district. I was fingerprinted on Wednesday and I haven't heard from them since then. What do you guys think?

ETA: Okay, called HR and got voice mail... we'll see if anything comes of that.
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