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All things considered, today was pretty good for a Monday:

- Had all my homework done

- Was able to finish my FC review during math class

- I get to look forward to a lazy day tomorrow

- I got wuv ;)

- Was able to buy my talisman at Mervyn's and it was 25% off!

- Also got Mom some bath salts for her birthday, since her main present was some pants, which aren't exactly exciting. 40% off!

Now if only something on the news would correspond to my fairly upbeat mood.

Some kind of anti-war rally near the Summit noon tomorrow. I might wander by, you know, see if the local communists/socialists /anarchists show up for this one. If I'm up ;)

Oh, and I just got an idea for an icon...

  • I guess it's a good fit, since they're both total jokes.

    Maybe it'll be called "Toxic Little Queen."

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