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So some (most?) of you know that I am ODing on Charmed this summer because (1) Leo is adorkable, (2) Chris is hot, (3) Did I mention that my cat Piper is named after the character? Yeah I love her. She's sarcastic and blows things up, and (4) it takes my mind off other things. Like writing. Or not writing. Or not being hired yet. Whatever.

Anyway, I've seen episodes here and there and always knew facts 1-3 above. But now that I'm going for completeness, I have thoughts. Well, thoughts, or maybe just a defense of all the time I'm wasting: three reasons that I enjoy this show.

1. Despite the fact that half the time I'm laughing at the badness, or pointing and laughing at the badness, and OMG THEY DID MPREG the characters really are very endearing. And you know, it's true... the plots really aren't so important if you have people buying into the characters and what they're going through.

2. PERIL. I am an angst whore, but even more I am a PERIL WHORE. As I was explaining to seldear before she left for her exhausting birthday bash, when I'm watching a show or a movie or reading a book, I want to be wondering wow how are they going to get out of this one? Even though I know that it all ends happily I want to have that moment of thinking that it's impossible and our heroes really are up a creek sans paddle. (That's a complaint I have about Stargate, both of them. For all the big bads out there in the universes, there isn't nearly enough mortal peril on that show.) Then, of course, the trick is finding a solution without it being too obvious or pat or lame. And sometimes Charmed's solutions are obvious or pat or lame... but surprisingly, not very often.

3. The important one... the relationships. Yeah Phoebe goes with anything that moves and Paige at least started out as a hussy, but they're not important. What's important? Piper and Leo, of course! The sarcastic blower-upper who wears the pants and her dorktastic emasculated guardian angel (DID I MENTION THE MPREG *FLAIL* AND ALSO THE GLADIATOR COSTUME?) There seems to be this myth on TV that it's all about the UST and if the couple in question ever gets together they will be happy and happy is boring and people won't watch. But you know what Piper and Leo proved? (Syd and Vaughn also proved this on Alias, btw.) You can have characters who call in love and get married and have darling little magical babies and their relationship can still be awesome and angsty and worth watching and NOT boring. And if it's boring it's not the characters' fault, it's the writers' fault!

Yeah, I said it!

And did I mention Chris is hot? *licks him*
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