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Had really wild dreams last night that were centered around Charmed and BSG. Now Charmed I understand because I have been ODing on the show - I am now officially more than halfway through the series! - and I dreamed that I was various characters and that my powers were on the fritz and I also dreamed that I was Piper and my dad was giving Leo a hard time for never introducing himself. Teehee.

The BSG dreams are a little stranger. I can only figure that they were triggered by the relative BSG-ness of last night's Atlantis. There were all these bizarre attacks from the Cylons on this transport ship that I was on... they went to extreme lengths to steal an apple... a team of Viper pilots including Starbuck had to stop the transport ship from dropping out of the sky and crashing into a planet, and they did although I'm not sure how they did it... another version of Sharon had a baby but it was all sickly and deformed... oh and then somehow they got these tiny poison darts got onto the ship and I tried to hide from them in the bathroom but I still got a bunch of them in my ankles and was freaked out, but then Six appeared and was like, oh don't worry about it, just go see Cottle and he'll take care of it. So I did but then Helo was there and went kind of crazy and we had to vent the compartment into space for some reason. Good thing I was wearing a spacesuit.

Sometimes I wonder how my brain gets any rest at all, what with all of this craziness.
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