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Bad science fiction makes baby Jesus cry

Two headlines on SCI FI WIRE that made me laugh/want to poke my eyes out.

Number one:

Wizard's First Rule, a fantasy TV series based on Terry Goodkind's book series, debuts in syndication on the Nov. 1 weekend, Disney-ABC Domestic Television and ABC Studios announced...

Wizard's First Rule follows the travels of woodsman Richard Cypher (Craig Horner), who discovers his own magical powers. With the help of a mysterious woman, Kahlan (Bridget Regan), and a wise old wizard named Zedd, Richard must stop a ruthless tyrant from unleashing an ancient evil and enslaving the world.

A TV series of Wizard's First Rule? Are you kidding me? That book was so unspeakably horrible that just the title gives me the creeps. I mean I'm going to have to watch the first episode just so I can laugh myself sick, but... *shudders*

Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad BAD.

Number two:

SCI FI's original series Tin Man also received eight nominations in technical categories, including outstanding single-camera picture editing for a miniseries or a movie; outstanding art direction for a miniseries or a movie; outstanding special visual effects for a miniseries, movie or a special; outstanding costumes for a miniseries, movie or a special; outstanding hairstyling for a miniseries or a movie; outstanding makeup for a miniseries or a movie (non-prosthetic); outstanding sound editing for a miniseries, movie or a special; and outstanding sound mixing for a miniseries or a movie. Tin Man is now SCI FI’s most nominated original program for a single year.

Tin Man? Seriously? I understand some people enjoy... um... that kind of thing, but I thought it was pretty lame. At least it didn't get any writing/directing awards, but still... Nine noms? Seriously?
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