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club100 day seventeen

I am quite proud of tonight's 854 words. I think I could even write a little more tonight, but I'm at a scene break (omg my first scene break) and my allergy meds are starting to kick in. What is it about the very beginning and very end of each day that makes my nose run like a faucet.

I know, TMI. Sorry.

Anyway, I was able to get in a mini-infodump into this section, but then I thought of a nice natural way to impart the next chunk of information. I'm a little uneasy because of the three characters I've introduced so far, I feel like my main, POV character is the least developed, because he's reacting to things rather than making them happen, and because he's less... tempestuous than the other two. But I can't change that because it's just part of how he is. Oh well.

Hey, by the way, is there anyone on my f-list who is a Shakespeare fan? I read R&J, Macbeth and Hamlet in high school, but that's it, and one of my characters is a Shakespeare fan, even though he doesn't really know who Shakespeare is. (Long story, or at least I hope it will be.) It would be neat to pick somebody's brain now and then, since I'm woefully ignorant about the main body of his work and too lazy to decipher it all myself.

In other news, I'm up to S3 of Charmed: The Leo and Piper Edition. It's a harmless little show - I know I sit there with my headphones on, wincing at the bad sfx and fairly consistent shlock, but Brain Krause is hawt and Leo and Piper are Cute with a capital C. Bathroom proposal! *snarfles*

Right: Cute + angst + hawt = happy Alli
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