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Does anyone else find this picture of an Obama poster (taken by Zombie) a little creepy?

It reminds me of those Che Gueara t-shirts you find being worn by people who are dumb enough to think it's sophisticated.

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I had seen pics of that poster elsewhere and couldn't figure out what it reminded me of. Thank you for allowing me to set it aside!

And yes, there is something very odd about it. I don't know if it's the odd shading on his face or the sunburst behind him (at least it's not another halo), or what. But definitely not an attractive portrait.
he looks stoned. which could well be the case since in his book he admits to doing drugs..

on another note, check out - a friend (scottks) of mine runs it and he has some satirical t-shirts of obama done as che.

I bought one, and it's fun to wear because Liberals don't get it, or think it's supporting him, but conservatives get it and think it's hysterical.