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What an asshat

Obama says, "Don't worry about immigrants learning English; your child should be learning Spanish! Cause it's embarrassing that all our kids aren't bilingual! I know, because I'm not bilingual either!"

Okay, I paraphrased.

What a creep. Is my Nobama bumper sticker here yet?

Let me "clarify": this is not about whether kids should learn foreign languages. Most colleges these days say you have to take two years of a foreign language as a pre-req (at least in California). Even if you never leave the English-speaking world, it can be an enjoyable experience. I took 2 years of high school Spanish and two semesters in college and I still don't have the skills to use it in conversation, which is frustrating. Not because I really want to talk to people in Spanish but because I want to know what people are saying when they think the little white girl can't understand ;) I can probably catch one word in eight.

The problem here is that Obama somehow doesn't understand that the influx of non-English speakers, the majority of them currently coming from Mexico, is a real source of irritation for people in this country. We don't like it that the DMV has to translate it's paperwork into fifteen different languages, and that people come into our places of work and automatically expect that we will provide a translator, and that they assume that we will teach their children in their native language when they may or may not even be legal citizens of this country...

Don't put this back on us, Barry. I'm sorry if you're embarrassed that the plebes you want voting for you are monolingual, but you know what? That's our choice, not yours.
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