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I'm really horrible estimating distances. The best I can do is remembering that four times around the track at school was a mile, and that doesn't really help all that much since I was going in one big oval. I want a character to say that something is ___ yards away (I feel that yards are a good compromise between english and metric measurements, so I'm using 'em for the time being) but that's hard to do when you have no feel for distance.

Does anyone have a trick they use?
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Think of a football field. It's divided into ten yard segments with the entire field being one hundred yards. Or maybe this is better for you. It's 30 yards from base to base on a baseball diamond; a little over 20 yards from the pitchers mound to home base.
From your nose to the tip of your finger with your arm extended supposedly is a yard.

Other thoughts:
How many carlengths (or some other familiar object) is it?

When I was growing up our block was 150' long, so I think of things in terms of how many blocks it is away.