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Quick help. What's a rather mean/dangerous practical joke you could play on someone while on a long trip on horseback... think a cattle drive, or a camping trip. So far I have messing with a person's saddle, and putting icky critters (snakes, scorpions, etc) in their personal belongings.
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Cutting some part of the tack such that it wears out over the course of the day or week.

Mess with their gun/rifle.

Did you see the original Parent Trap (where one of the girls stood on the other's shoulders and pretended to the future stepmonster that the lake was shallow)? Dangerous if they can't swim, mean if they can swim.

Buffalo chip/cowpie in the saddle bag - or in the "special serving" of beans.

Rock in the biscuit or the beans.

Firecracker in the campfire.

Get up during the night and move their horse somewhere else so they have to walk or ride with Cookie.