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I found this article through and I thought it made for really interesting reading, so I'm posting it here.

Our little emperors: does worrying do more harm than good? A backlash has begun against the all-must-have-prizes culture that has produced children used to getting their own way

I encourage you to read the whole thing, but the gist of it is that some people are starting to wonder if babying our kids is going to turn them into... babies.

Those of us in the classroom already know that this is an issue.

Don't play dodgeball, it makes kids feel bad if they're fat or slow and constantly targetted.

Don't play tag, someone could get hurt.

If a kid is being a pain in the ass, the teacher has to become a counselor and figure out what's wrong, talk to the parents, talk to other teachers, set up a behavior contract, and if the kid is still being a pain in the ass? Oh well.

We were told by the principal to make sure that we gave an award to every kid in our class for something over the course of the year (we had three awards assemblies) and so there were a plethora of non-academic awards like 'Lifeskills', 'Citizenship', 'Personal Success Award', 'The People Respecting Others Award' and lots of other crap.

There was a story on the news recently about a family in Chicago winning a car because their kid had perfect attendance for 3 months.

We have gotten to the point as a society of rewarding kids just for showing up.

People need to remember that we are not raising kids... we are raising adults. Or trying to.
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