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You know, I haven't even been off the internet for a full day, but it feels like I have.

I'm in Washington state, in a comfy little Hampton Inn in the town of Bellingham. We're visiting my cousin (technically? My aunt's stepson's wife, but cousin is easier) and her adorable little bebbe -- this is him:

Stupid me, I brought my laptop, my digital camera, the cord to upload pictures... but I forgot the cord to actually charge my computer. Doh. So, we stopped by Circuit City today to get a universal one. Not cheap, but better than not having my computer. I still need to watch SGA 501, but I just haven't found the right time. When we're at Amanda's we're too busy visiting and playing with the new toy baby, and by the time we get back to the hotel I'm just not in the mood. Maybe tomorrow, before we go over.

I do want to take my laptop and do some writing, but... not while the baby is up. He's in that pre-teething copious drool phase, and everything goes into his mouth. He especially likes things with metal and buttons and lights... mom's keys, digital camera, the TV remote... he already drooled his mom's cell phone to death. He really is as cute as can be, though.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in. I'm going to go wash up, take my eyes out, and read a bit before bed. Toodles!
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