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Saturday, in all its glory

I have issues with...
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Genetics? Ookay.

Kind of a weird day today. Slept in a little, got up to have breakfast with the family. Went to the Joe chat at Gateworld, and other than Delphi being a piece of worthless crap it was pretty good. Nothing shocking either way, really, but I suppose I'm hard to surprise. And I agree with Ann... it was nice to see him again. Next weekend I'll just have to usurp the family computer; it has a faster processor and hopefully with have less problems with PoS Delphi.

Saw a little footage of protests this weekend. Good Lord, what a bunch of morons. Yes, of course causing property damage, driving down tourism and hurting the local economy is a great way to get your point across! It's like those stupid bikers who like to muck up traffic now and then to make whatever point they're championing that week; it doesn't make people feel more kindly towards your position.

U.S. tanks are halfway to Baghdad. The video is grainy but amazing. The newscasters, especially the ones who've been around a little longer, are more in shock and awe over that than the actual shock and awe campaign, I think.

A soldier, reportedly of Muslim faith, attacked his fellow troops with grenades earlier today. One is reported dead, more are in surgery, over a dozen injured. My opinion right now is that they might as well hang the bastard right then and there. That opinion could always change. Maybe. I am bloodthirsty, after all.

There are beautiful pictures of B52s taking off from the UK.

I was thinking earlier about doing some kind of rant on the First Amendment and how misunderstood I think it is. It sounded really good when I was thinking it over in the shower (I know, TMI). Maybe I'll work the enthusiasm back up later.

(On a semi-related note, I find it interesting that the more upset people get about something, the less they want to know about it (which I can understand) but they still continue to act like they know what's going on. Sadly, they've merely gone from having an informed opinion to an uninformed opinion. I know which I'd pick.)

Did some of my Science homework tonight. I still have more to type up, a Spanish chapter to finish and a short reflective response to post online. My folks are going to LA tomorrow, until Thursday, so I think I'm going to head back to school tomorrow afternoon. Other than an oven and a bathroom I can call my very own, the biggest draw about being here is my folks and the stuff they can do for me ;) And if they're not here... Well, I have a T1 waiting for me at school.

Went out to Chinese for dinner tonight, this place in Concord we've been going to since I was maybe 6 or 7. Will make some kickass leftovers this week.

I really should be working on my FC review. I got the first few paragraphs written right after the episode aired, actually, because it struck me that the title is so fitting. They've come full circle, in a way, and the more things change the more they stay the same. Particularly Daniel's narrow focus and arrogance... but I'll have to find a way to rephrase that that won't get me soundly thrashed. I don't say it to be mean; it has nothing to do with MS being a [insert colorful metaphor here]. It's just part of the character, and it really played into the story in the case of this episode.

Speaking of Mr. Colorful Metaphor, did anyone else hear the hilarious rumor about why he wasn't at his chat Thursday? Apparently someone started up on the SciFi BB that he had some kind of tiff (gee, that's just beyond imagining), walked off set and forgot to take his phone, so they couldn't get in touch with him. Now I roundly admit that it is just a rumor... but it's one of those that I would not be surprised were it the truth. And it's damn funny.

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