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I met Jacqueline Carey today!

Didn't take pics, because no one else was and I didn't want to be a total fangrrl. :\

But I got her autograph in my copy of Kushiel's Mercy.

She also read the first chapter from her work-in-progress novel, another set in the same universe as the Kushiel books but about100 years after Mercy. It's from the perspective of a girl from the Maghuin Dhonn who (I'm assuming) has some D'Angeline and Eiran blood as well, and the working title is Namaah's Gift. Sounded like the draft was due to her publisher this fall... definitely something to look forward to!

She was very nice, answered lots of questions, like who is the most fangrrled character (other than Phedre and Imri) -- surprise, surprise the answer was Joscelin (with Melisande a close second) and which author would she recc (Guy Gavriel Kay) and do any of the characters come from people she knows in real life (hell no).
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