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United States of Obama

Obama has a new campaign graphic, and it makes me feel rather ill.

Yes, there on the left (appropriate) is Obama's nifty new campaign seal, some weird perversion of the POTUS seal, with the American flag replaced by part of Obama's Brave New World logo and the Latin phrase "E pluribus unum" (out of many, one) replaced with "vero possumus", which apparently loosely translates to "yes we can" (and not "truly possums" as I first assumed).

That just seems so wrong to me.
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Is this the same person who didn't want to wear a flag lapel-pin because he thought it was over-used and passe? Maybe using (abusing) the presidential seal is new and original?

Isn't the eagle in Obama's seal still clutching a sheaf of arrows? How militaristic of him.
I'm just aghast. I mean, I sort of figured he didn't have any respect for American symbols, but THIS... wowow.

And if McCain had pulled a stunt like this, I would be saying EXACTLY the same thing. There are just some things that transcend politics.
The graphic artist in me wants to know whose bright idea this was? I wonder, tomorrow (after the news cycles) who will be getting the boot....the thinky person or the drawing one?
I have this horrible fear that the only people who are going to find it disgusting and offensive are the bloggers and me :\
Gah! Every time I think it can't get any worse ...