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I'm writing about people on an ocean beach. And yet it's been years since I've been on an ocean beach. (There's lots of water around here, but the stuff nearest to me is freshwater). So, until I get a chance to go myself, I have to rely on others:

What are some things you might find washed up on the beach? Not counting trash :\ I'm thinking shells, starfish, sea glass -- what about sand dollars? Kelp? Driftwood? If it matters, this particular beach is in a temperate area.
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we get things like: seaweed, shells, pebbles....lots and lots of pebbles, jellyfish, bluebottles (dont know if thats just an aussie thing???) tree branches if its been stormy, but mainly rocks and shells, and the crisp white sand...thats what I love about our beaches!!
In the Gulf coast you get all that too... well, I don't remember the bluebottles, but everything else. The beach was actually made up mostly of rocks and broken shells.