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I'm writing about people on an ocean beach. And yet it's been years since I've been on an ocean beach. (There's lots of water around here, but the stuff nearest to me is freshwater). So, until I get a chance to go myself, I have to rely on others:

What are some things you might find washed up on the beach? Not counting trash :\ I'm thinking shells, starfish, sea glass -- what about sand dollars? Kelp? Driftwood? If it matters, this particular beach is in a temperate area.
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Dunno if this helps, but along the Oregon Coast they have local artists make glass floats as art objects and leave them on the beaches for people to find during the tourist season. (The floats are modeled after ones fishermen used to use to float their nets with, which would occasionally get loose from the nets and wash up on shore. The ones the artists do are generally far more colorful than the ones the fishermen used--actually, I dunno, they may still be using them, though I doubt it.)
we get things like: seaweed, shells, pebbles....lots and lots of pebbles, jellyfish, bluebottles (dont know if thats just an aussie thing???) tree branches if its been stormy, but mainly rocks and shells, and the crisp white sand...thats what I love about our beaches!!
In the Gulf coast you get all that too... well, I don't remember the bluebottles, but everything else. The beach was actually made up mostly of rocks and broken shells.
As Meags said, bluebottles, yes! Jellyfish, too - like someone dumped out lots of little tubs of clear Jell-O randomly at the high-tide mark.

Seaweed (the thick and wavy, coarse-surfaced kind and the ones with the 'bulbs' all along it), rocks all washed clean. Also the ones that look like really long, dark-green grass. And seashells - the little fan-shaped ones in brown and cream, the small black ones from the sea snails that cling to the rocks at high tide, and I remember finding purple coral-like ones at certain beaches - although I haven't seen them in years. Cuttlefish bones (good for taking back for the budgie cage) and shell-sand mixed in among the grit-sand at the rocks.

A lot of it depends on the kind of beach and the weather, too.
dead crabs, jellyfish, beach glass, lots of seaweed, shells, pebbles, that's all I can think of right now.