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This has to be the stupidest political ad I have ever seen.

But then again, it's from MoveOn.

(A cookie for those who get the reference)
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Ooh! Ooh! I know, I know! It's that Meryl Streep movie about a baby that was stolen by dingos (never watched it, but... ick). Wow. That might be a bit too subtle for the average liberal. The libs are never gonna get the kiddie vote with a movie reference that old; it must be 20 years old or more.

I like gingersnaps.
I got the reference. Of course. :)

But I guess I'm too late for the cookie...

What else do you expect from moveon? They've got Bush Derangement Syndrome down and now they are preparing for McCain Derangement Syndrome!
Can you say "Azaria?" Can you? You can? What a good boy :) /pats him on the head/

It is sad though, that most people know this event because of the Meryl Streep movie "Evil Angels", rather than the fact that it occupied the Australian press and dinner table talk repeatedly, for extended periods of time, until Lindy Chamberlain was actually, finally and for the last time, released from gaol.

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