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There is nobody around for me to rant at.

Seriously, what's wrong with you people?

ETA: Okay, I feel a little better. Channeled my energy into putting together my awesome new chair.
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I'm here.

At least I think I'm here.

Let me check.


Yes, I'm here.

Rant away!

Need a topic?

How about...that Yolo Co. Deputy that was killed yesterday in Dunagin? Or that guy in Turlock who beat a toddler to death on a roadway, as motorists tried to stop him?

How about...Katherine Heigl? Clueless? Or a bitch? (Can I type bitch on lj?)

Have you read this article:

Online Fans Represent TV's Vocal Minority?

Good stuff!


You can type bitch on lj all you want. And yes, she is one.

As far as that case in Turlock... ugh. Thank God for that deputy -- the bright side is that there's one less freak in the world. :\