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conservative icon dump

First things first. I did not make these. I just resized them into icons because, let's face it, the world needs more good Republican icons. I'm not much of an artiste, but damn am I talented at resizing things.


1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.


7. 8. 9.

I have a couple of other icons made from shirts. Let me show you them:

And from

If you like these icons, think about picking up the shirts. The only thing better than baiting liberals on livejournal is baiting them in real life! (And no, I'm not on the payroll of any of these companies... I just like their work.)

Even if you just like the icons and don't buy a shirt or two, please make sure you credit the appropriate website in your icon keywords for the benefit of others. You don't need to credit me unless you're just, wow, that impressed with my resizing prowess.

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Snagging #2 and will credit. Hee! I've been telling people at work when we discuss politics. "I'm voting for the old white guy." ;-)

Did you notice that all the VP people Obama is looking at are women? I said MONTHS ago. The Dem dream team would be Obama and Clinton...A black guy and a woman. Hm...

I would get #4 but my boyfriend would get mad at me. *sigh* He's a dem...I've been working on him, but he lives in the blue part of my nearly red state, but the darned blue parts have more people who vote which pushs my stated blue. *pout* I'm in PA. If you look at the voting maps, the whole stinking state is red, except Philly and Pittsburgh. *sigh* you sound like my mom. :-P

Actually, he's come a long way since we first met about 10 years ago. He was an agnostic. In the last couple years, he's come to believe in God and accepted the Lord as his personal savior. There's hope yet to get him conservative. ;-)
well.. I have 6 younger sisters.. so I have practice.

And I like your Mom already. :)

And at the risk of sounding even more like your Mom..

10 years? I hope his "change" is honorable.. I'd hate to seem him revert.
It is. He's been grilled by his old friends and stood up for his choice and has kept to it. He and my Pastor have talked at great length and it was my Pastor who lead him to the Lord.

I've known him for 10 years, but we only started dating a couple years ago. One of those deals of we had know each other for a long time before we realized we liked each other. :-)

He's a good guy and very sensable and reliable and supports me. I have some serious health things and he even joined a support group I help run to find out ways to help me better.

Waiting for him and my Dad to have "the talk" again. He did proposes once, but I had to turn him down because he just didn't understand about the Lord yet. That was a couple years ago and before he and my Pastor talked.

I'm being careful because I want this to last.
great icons!

thanks again for sharing!

and p.s. friending you!
I really have to compliment your resizing abilities. They are awesome!

I've snitched #3, and the neutered cat (I thought the boys were acting a little strange since the big snipping ceremony!) and promise to credit appropriately. Thanks