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As a follow-up to my last post... my local B&N did not have Kushiel's Mercy but they did have the paperback version of Kushiel's Justice, so I got that and ordered Mercy from Amazon, along with Feed by MT Anderson cause it just looked interesting.

Hopefully with the weekend and everything I will have time to finish (re)reading Ilium (Dan Simmons, crack author extraordinare) and reread Justice before Mercy shows up.

Yes. I have a plan.

JC is going to be in San Fran in June... I'm kind of tempted to go. I've never actually been to an author signing before.

At the bookstore they had Narnia - LWW and PC - waaaay shortened and illustrated as children's books. They were so cute. I might have gotten the PC one but they made Caspian look about twelve. And I'm having too much fun reading Caspian smut to go there.
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Go to the book signing. Get there early enough to get a seat (and buy a book if you need to); have a question or two you might like to ask and then decide what you'll say to her when you have her sign your book! You'll enjoy it.