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my brain is crazy with media

Saw Prince Caspian for the third time last night. I still love it. I need to download some more icons.

I couldn't sleep last night, even though I was tired and took an Advil PM and even though I have fluffy super-comfy new pillows because my brain kept replaying the movie and trying to write fic from it. I've decided that if I do write Narnia fic it's going to be strictly movieverse. That way I can just pretend that the events of Silver Chair, Last Battle, etc, won't happen! At least not until the movieverse shakes me out of my denial. I had a Big Epic Narnia Plotline hop into my head the other night that I may collaborate on with another Caspian/Susan fan, but I think before I try that I should attempt a vignette or something.


I also have all the music from Mamma Mia skipping around in my head. That's another movie that I'm looking forward to seeing, even if Meryl Streep as Donna is just plain wrong, man.

I'm reading Old Man's War by John Scalzi and it is just unputdownable.

And, finally, my original fic is growing ever so slowly. I feel like I've gotten woefully out of practice in translating what's in my head to the paper (or the screen, as it is).

Work? What's that? Report cards due to the office on Friday? Huh?

*downloads last night's American Gladiators and part one of the Andromeda Strain miniseries* Some day, my darlings, I will have time to watch you...
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