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I just bought the 4-disc extended version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe through

I watched my normal version tonight with mom and I was annoyed that there weren't any deleted scenes. So I went looking to see if the new Blu-Ray version did, because I think my brother can play those, and I discovered the four-disc edition. I didn't even know it existed. Bad fan!

You can't even get it through amazon anymore so I was able to find a new version on half. It's coming from LA (Los Angeles, not Louisiana) and the seller has a good rep, so hopefully it shouldn't take too long.

I'm not really sure what's new on it, because amazon has a bad habit of lumping all versions of a movie into the same descriptor, so I guess I'll have to wait and be surprised.

I have to say that I still like Caspian the best, as far as things like pacing and editing go, but it's such a lovely movie :)

(As a total aside, Stargate: Continuum is #9 on amazon's movie/TV bestsellers list!)
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