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Argh. It's quarter to four in the morning and I'm still awake.

It might have been the Dr. Pepper I had with dinner. Or the fact that I was up reading the end of Dawn Treader and then I read the beginning and the end of The Silver Chair and it ate my brain and made me sad and even more willing to live in the happy little AU Narnia movieverse that I've made for myself. But then again it also could be these stupid leg cramps... apparently I haven't been drinking enough milk lately, but I'm drinking some now.

And no one's on AIM. Poop.

Well, I've restarted my original fic for maybe the tenth time. I like how it's going so far (an entire 600+ words at this point!) but then I felt that way with my other false starts, until I ran up against a wall.

It's still fairly warm in the house but I've closed my window because if dad gets home from work in the morning and windows are open he'll freak out. Sounds pretty gusty out there, though. I went swimming today. I can't remember when I've been able to swim in May before. Must be that gosh-darned global warming.

I got a mini-poster when I went to the movies today. One side has Caspian and Aslan, the other side has them plus the kids, and the castle, and Reep down in the corner. I was thinking of getting it laminated so I could protect it but still enjoy both sides, but now I'm thinking I might just get a frame at Michael's. I mean, I can only look at one side at a time anyway. And both sides have the best part ;)

Abby is hunting a spider. At least I hope it's just a spider. It sure ain't a talking mouse.

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