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incoherent, mark 2

As a followup to my previous post...

You know, I've always identified with Susan in the books. I suppose because I always thought Lucy was a bit too much of a goody two-shoes. Peter was also awesome, but Susan and I just connected.

And dude. If I was Susan, Aslan would have had to send me back to Earth kicking and screaming.

I think I'm going to forget The Last Battle ever happened and live in a happy world where Susan just stayed in Narnia and she and Caspian had lots of hot royal babies.
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zomg yes.

I was almost half hoping she'd stay behind in the movie version despite it being totally blasphemous to the book :p *soooo not a purist*
Dunno... I heard they take some paper and put words on it, then slap on some title, like "Narnia" ...