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So a pretty typical episode up until the end. And here I thought the whole stalker thing would just be an amusing sidestory.

*clears throat* Okay, so...

OMG the look on his face while she's up there singing is just GLEE. It just about made my heart explode with "the cute".

And OMG crazy woman can see how much he adores her.

And OMG he totally took a bullet for her. I mean they didn't do the stupid slo-mo 'dive into the path of the bullet' shtick, but he knew anyway. AHHHHHH.

And OMFG everyone is standing around gaping and Bones just PICKS UP BOOTH'S GUN AND KILLS CRAZY WOMAN. With ONE SHOT. Terminated with extreme prejudice. Holy shit.

AHHHHHH. I had to say it again.

I'm downloading this just so I can watch the last five minutes. Perhaps many times.

I can't believe next week is the finale. It just came back from the stupid writer's strike hiatus! And obviously Booth is not dead, and Gorgonzola is back. (I wonder if DB needed time off or something and this was their way of doing it?)

Speaking of not believing this is the finale... I guess they are having a short season then, eh? Otherwise there would be several eps left to go... next week is only 3x15.

Stupid strike.

*looks at what she just wrote*

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