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X-Files 2x11 Excelsis Dei

Janet! HEE!

This is the one with the old guys eating mushrooms and doing pervy things, isn't it?

"Whatever tape your found in that VCR, it isn't mine." "Good, because I put it back in that drawer without those other videos that aren't yours."

"I'm 74 years old. I've got plumbing older than this building. [flash] And it don't work much better either." "Thanks for sharing."

"If I told you that you were a very pretty woman and I would like to show you some affection, would you be offended?" [M & S exchange glances] "Oh, I didn't mean to step on your toes there." [Sharp look on Mulder]

You know, I'm not an femenazi or anything, but I feel slightly offended that Mulder believes anything and everything, but he thinks this one is a load of hooey. Because it's unsubstantiated? Like that's ever stopped him before?

*giggles* Okay, that old lady was in an Adam Sandler movie. Happy Gilmore?

"And you saying that the building's haunted? Because if you are I think you've been working with me too long."

And Mulder automatically blames the Asian. Racist!

Eek, mushrooms! I just got flashbacks (flashforwards?) of that Season 6 or 7 episode where they get trapped in that mushroom-induced hallucination while the fungus digests them. EW!

And the spirits try to drown Frasier and Mulder...

I wonder why they hate poor Janet so much.

That must have been a fun stunt.
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