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X-Files 2x10 Red Museum

The title of this episode isn't at all familiar. But a beef company... this can't end well.

Ew pervert.

Butcher shop, pervert, and a guy running around the woods in his undies. Where is this going?

HE IS ONE... hmm, that rings a bell...

Turban-wearing vegetarian cult freaks. But at least they're tech-savvy.


Aww Mulder wiping BBQ sauce off Scully's face. Adorable.

"Why don't you run along with the little wife?" *giggles*

Once again, the mysterious Phone Danny.

"You know, for a holy man, you've got quite a knack for pissing people off."

*giggles* Could Scully's pants be belted any higher up?

Bovine growth hormone = crazy evil people, eh?

Hey, is that the perv?

Plane crash? This episode is so confusing.

Vitamin shots. Bwah.

Oooh I knew that guy looked familiar.

Purity Control! Hey they mentioned the Erlynmeyer Flask! By name! This turned into a mytharc episode, wild!

Hmm a thingy of gasoline now why could that be there?

Weird episode. Very random-feeling.

Open and unsolved.
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