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2x09 Firewalker

2x09 Firewalker

Ooh volcanoes!

Damn, Scully looks pretty good considering how she looked last we saw her.

And a lot skinnier than she's been in a while.

"Maybe you should take some time off." "I've already lost too much time."

You know I think this is the first time I've seen this episode.


This is like Ice with fungus.

Ooh a lingering shoulder squeeze. Mulder you dog.

Hey, is that the guy from West Wing that some weird people found attractive?

Aww he wants to go save Scully from the fungus!

"I can't let you leave." "Then you're gonna have to shoot me, because I'm walking out of here."

You know, West Wing guy, maybe instead of smashing all the equipment and killing people, you could have radioed saying there was a biological hazard. Dur.

Well, we're off to Disneyland tomorrow morning! I'm not taking my laptop but my brother is, so if we have internet in the room I might be able to get on to say hi. (:
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