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Last seen with greenconverses: Find the opening sequence for one of your favorite old TV shows and post it to your LJ. Bonus points for datedness or obscurity. Play as many times as you like.

The quality of the video here is awful, but as I thought this was the coolest show ever:

Alex was hot.

Holy crap is this the first episode???

LOL at the million year old computer.

Number two... and you know, I can't remember exactly why they were trying to find her.

I guess it's just that she was a brazen bitch in a red trenchcoat who went around stealing stuff.

I have to admit, the special effects and the set-up for the plot were pretty ahead of their time.

And just to really embarrass myself:

Tommy/Kim was hot. yall. Well, mostly it was Tommy who was hot. (Also, Billy = Daniel, right?)
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