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2x05 Duane Barry

Ooh, just the name gives me all kinds of creepy vibes.

He was one crazy SOB, but you couldn't help feeling a little sorry for him.

So this guy's been abducted multiple times by little gray men. And apparently it's not a pleasant experience.

You know, thinking back to the last episode, it strikes me that CC didn't even spend one full episode trying to convince us that Krycek wasn't a bad guy. Props to them for not assuming that the viewers are idiots.


And it was wasted on Krycek. That is so wrong.

Hm, a former FBI agent.

"Would you like to know what they do to a woman's ovaries?" Foreshadowing...

LOL sending Krycek for coffee.

Mulder the paramedic :)

Duane tells Mulder that the government, corporations, military all know about the aliens... that they work together because the government doesn't want anyone to know.

"Ascending to the stars."

Bar code!

*shivers at the creepiness of Scully getting kidnapped over the answering machine*

So, was what Duane Barry saw real, or just what the conspiracy wanted him to see? Was Scully targeted because she had the metal fragment, or because - as we knew from the previous episode - CSM and his friends wanted to get rid of her?

Oy, I need to go to bed...
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