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1x18 Miracle Man, 1x19 Shapes, 1x20 Darkness Falls

"99% of the people in this world are fools, and the rest of us are in great danger of contagion." So true.

I remember the super-pale burned guy in the suit and glasses, but otherwise not a memorable episode.

Ahh the first episode where we find out Scully was raised Catholic. And loves The Exorcist!

Oh no, is this the werewolf episode? Me + werewolves or vampires = Zzzzzz...

"I could smell you a mile away." "Well, they told me that even though my deodorant's made for a woman, it's strong enough for a man."

"I sense you are different, FBI. You're more open to Native American belief than some Native Americans. You even have an Indian name - Fox. You should be Running Fox, or Sneaky Fox." "Just as long as it's not Spooky Fox."

*sing-song* Scully's in a car house with a werewolf!

"FBI. See you in about... eight years." "I hope not."

Yeah. Boring.

Wasn't there a movie with this title? Except that it was supposed to be a place. Falls, as in Niagara. Dur.

"Rugged manly-men in the full bloom of their manhood."

"And you suspect... what? Bigfoot?" "Not likely. That's a lot of flannel to be choking down, even for Bigfoot."

Okay, Scully is totally checking out the forest ranger.

Oh yes, let's get CLOSER to the creepy cocoon. "Itsy bitsy spider..."

Hungry glowy bugs: NOM NOM NOM.

Ew, I forgot they actually got cocooned. Ewww...
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