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1x13 Beyond the Sea

Scully's dad is General Hammond! And her mom is... Cher? Eek that hair is horrible.

"Good night, Starbuck." *sniff*

"How are you, Dana?" "Dana..."

Luther Boggs! "Mulder, do I detect a hint of skepticism?"

Dude face touch. I had forgotten about that. Rather intimate there, fella. :D

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*hums along to 'Beyond the Sea'* This is why the credits of Finding Nemo always give me the creeps...

Brad Dourif is one crazy-ass dude. One really can't help but be impressed.

I love this. For once it's Mulder who's the skeptic and Scully who 'wants to believe'. Which was the whole point, you know, but it's still cool.

"The Bureau would expect something like that from Spooky Mulder, not Dana Scully."

"Don't go near the white cross."

Poor Mulder. Always getting shot.

"Well I came here to tell you that if he dies because of what you've done, four days from now nobody will stop me from being the one that'll throw the switch and gas you out of this life for good, you son of a bitch!"

"Dana, after all you've seen, after all the evidence, why can't you believe?" "I'm afraid. I'm afraid to believe."

This episode makes me love Scully so much.

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I've never watched much X-Files, but I have read a few pieces of fanfic. And the idea of General Hammond as Scully's father intrigues me. Know of any crossovers using that fact?
This episode makes me love Scully so much.

I remember something to that effect too ;-)

I think I may have to lock myself away for 2 1/2 weeks as soon as I get back, so I can watch X-Files, SG1 s9&10 and SGA s3&4 non stop ;-)
What you need is a cave you can hole up in. A cave with pizza delivery and running water.

Let me know if you find one. ;)
Oh, my apartment will do quite nicely as a cave with pizza delivery and running water ;-)

And the supermarket is =right= around the corner at walking distance, just in case I need to stock up on munchies and soda and other kinds of comfort food ;-)
Or stretch my legs ;-)

Now to get my comfy comfy bed and my 32" tv in the same room...