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1x09 Space and 1x10 Fallen Angel

I know I saw this episode before, but I don't remember it. What I do remember is people generally considering it not a very good ep. Let's see...


Yeah, I kind of see what people meant. There's a lot of Mulder and Scully standing by watching, which is not exactly thrilling television.

Plus he keeps having to explain stuff to her/the audience.

LOL. From Wiki: "Space has the dubious distinction of being considered one of the worst X Files episodes by fans and makes many "worst X Files episodes" lists." says it was the most expensive episode of the season. Heh.

Okay, on to the next episode.

Cheyenne Mountain! Hee.

Oh no, laser beams! And sneaky Mulder, sneakily sneaking into a military operation. He is gonna get in so much trouble.

And he gets caught. Doh.

Hey, Max! I remember him. "Trust no one. Very wise."

And Scully has come to rescue him. "I didn't know there was room service."

"That story happens to be highly classified." "A highly classified lie."

Bwahahaha. Mulder has stalkers.

"You're entitled to the truth." "I can't afford the truth." Nor can you handle it, according to some.

Hey, it's Brent Stait!

Okay so the aliens can be invisible and when they get close to you, you bleed out your ears? Charming.

You can tell Scully just wants to strangle Mulder here. Not the first time... certainly not the last.

Dude, quit getting separated from Scully -- if you kept her around a little more she might see something interesting and she wouldn't think you're so nuts.

"How can I disprove lies that are stamped with an official seal? You can deny all the things I've seen, all the things I've discovered, but not for much longer because too many others know what's happening out there. And no one, no government agency, has jurisdiction over the truth."

(You know, this really makes me laugh, because in my halcyon X-Files days, the group I ran with had this joke that "lies" and "truth" were euphemisms for, um, female and male genitalia, respectively. Specifically that belonging to the main characters. It made the various lies/truth rants on the show much more amusing.

Yes, we were smutty little scamps. It was the only sane reaction to all the insane NoRoMos.)
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