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1x08 Ice

This episode is a classic. CRAZYMAKING ICE WORMS OMG!

"We're not... who... we are..."

"Bring your mittens..."

LOL this is the episode with the Dr. Hodge. The one who looks crazy even before the worms. He was the bad Secret Service agent in Air Force One!

And Felicity Huffman, wow.

EEK! A mealworm!

"We were told we'd have three clear days of weather." "Welcome to the top of the world, sir."

"Before anyone passes judgment, may I remind you, we are in the Arctic." <-- best line EVA

"At least everyone's OK." "Don't forget, the spots on the dog went away." Yeah. Thanks a million for reminding me of that right before bed.

I think Carter decided early on that once a season he would have to have Mulder or Scully or both pointing guns at each other. Pretty intense, though. "In here I'll be safer than you."

"I don't trust them. I want to trust you." "Okay. But they're not here."

Mmmm back-touching.

God there must be a lot of PWPs spawning from that scene.

Look out, Felicity Huffman has worms! Or... a worm! Okay, now two... now none...

Hm, strange creatures in the Arctic ice... foreshadowing?
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