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Camera help

I want to buy a new camera and I'm looking for some help.

Here's the general specs:

  1. I want something small. If it's clunky and heavy I probably won't bother.

  2. I don't care about a lot of fancy settings or effects. I'd rather just upload them to my computer and adjust the lighting via PS.

  3. Image quality is really important to me. I've been reading a lot of reviews where some people complain about really 'noisy' or grainy pictures which tends to scare me away from the camera.

  4. Optical zoom and image stabilization would be nice but wouldn't make/break my decision

  5. I do not want to have to take out the batteries to recharge them

ETA: Right now I'm looking at the Canon PowerShot A-series. Saving some links for my own reference.

A570IS 7.1MP - $133.00

Can anyone help?
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