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1x05 The Jersey Devil

"Anti-gravity is right."

"You feelin' lucky, Scully?"

"So what's eating that guy?"

Aww she doesn't want to drive back without his company. And he asked if she had a date. Hee.

"Mulder?" "Yeah, I thought you said he was cute."

"I have a date." "Can you cancel?" "Unlike you, Mulder, I would like to have a life." "I have a life." "*Snort*"

Her date is made of FAIL. Then again, so is the outfit she's wearing.

Yet she can do amazing things in heels.

And she goes with Mulder.

"Don't you have a life, Scully?" "Keep it up, Mulder, and I'll hurt you like that beast woman." "Eight million years out of Africa..." "And look who's holding the door."


I liked this shot:

And the beast woman comment:

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