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Things I have done today

In no particular order (except for the first two):

  • Got up at a reasonable hour. The dogs let themselves out of their 'bedroom' around 9, and the last time that happened the brown one let loose Lake Mead on my bedroom carpet. So I have learned to let them out right away. I thought about going back to bed, but decided against it.

  • Fed the dogs, emptied the dishwasher and the drainer, thus shocking my mother to her very core

  • Finished 2/3 of my weekend laundry

  • Folded a load of towels

  • Watched 3 episodes of Bones S1

  • Took a walk I don't know how long it actually was distance-wise, but I did map it out *G* Took me about 40 minutes

  • Found a lovely JT lj layout on wurlocke's journal

  • Took a bath

  • Read about 200 pages of my current book (not all of them while in the bath)

  • Was naughty (2.8% so far!)

Not too bad, really.

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Could you possibly make the font a little smaller just so it would be impossible to read then?????
lol, sorry, sweetie.

I suppose I could go into the CSS code and up the font size... but it looks so pretty!

You DO know that you can force your lj style on your f-list, right? Even when you click to comment? Hold on, lemme find it...

OK, right here: under 'comment pages'.