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rambling meta about teyla, pregnancy, contraception, etc

So, because of Teyla's storyline in the current season of Atlantis, and a fic I've been working on here and there and another fic I just enjoyed, I've been thinking about Teyla in particular and Athosians in general and pregnancy.

I know this can be a touchy subject and I'm wary of it straying into areas where feelings are very passionate. So I just want to remind everyone who wants to contribute here to play nice and remember that we're talking about a very fictional situation.

So, when Atlantis first started, it kind of evolved in the back of my mind that for a lot of cultures in the Pegasus Galaxy, contraception might be an option, but not one that was often utilized. Not because the majority of cultures have been shown to not be as technologically advanced, but because when your people are constantly being culled, isn't it important to keep replacing your population?

Teyla seems surprised by the news that she is pregnant, leading me to believe that it wasn't what is typically thought of as 'planned', but she's never shown having regrets, or doubts about keeping the baby. After all, the baby is a part of someone she loved and lost, and as she points out, if the Athosians are all dead, her child might be the last of her people.

If having children to replace culled members of the population is so important, why has a woman Teyla's age not had children before this?

A lot of stories where Teyla is in a sexual relationship with John seem to show her adopting 'Earth methods' of contraception. Is this just the writer's bias of 'our way is the right way' coming through, or does it make sense from a practical standpoint?

Like I said, this is all just rambling. I don't have any actual answers, just the feeling that I mentioned that made sense to me when the series first started. Am I totally off-base here? Are there obvious solutions to any of the 'issues' I mentioned above? Have I gotten anyone's juices - erm, mental juices - flowing?
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