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Tomorrow I shall commence with Operation: Lint Trap.

This decision was a difficult one, but necessary in consideration of all the clothes I have that I don't wear.

Just so you know what I mean:

My chest of drawers:

The horrifying vomitous mass that is my hamper:

My closet -- it only looks empty because of the horrifying vomitous mass. And that's actually just the half with the tops... doesn't include my pants and skirts on the other side.

And just cause I'm enjoying myself... Thing #1:

And Thing #2:

The only corner of my room where there are no clothes:

And one more of where I sleep:

I don't wear them for various reasons. They no longer fit, they look crappy, I can't find the one that matches it, there's little spots or stains I haven't been able to get out, I don't actually like them...

Well tomorrow I am going to wash the mountain currently inhabiting my laundry basket, and then I'm going to go through all of my drawers... and both sides of my closet...

And if it doesn't fit, it's going away.

If I haven't worn it in the last year, it's going away.

If it doesn't have a partner (this applies to socks, obviously), it's going away.

And so on and so forth.

If this mission succeeds, it will be followed at a later date by Operation All the Other Crap I Own.

P.S.: Meow.


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