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Yesterday at WonderCon

So I know I'll get smacked for this, but I didn't actually take any pics at the con yesterday. I've taken too many pics at cons that wound up being crap so now I just don't bother. But Jamal (GM's hubby) was taking pics and I think some of them might have come out, so I will text GM later and ask her if she could send them to me. And then I will pass them on to you.

I'm sure there are more detailed reports than mine out there, but just to do my part... The crowd was very hyper; they were hooting and cheering as the con staff was putting out the name cards. It was kind of surreal, them being there, and looking 'the same, just older'. Which is what you logically expect, but you don't really make that connection. Gillian's hair was pretty awesome -- I do not miss the helmet hair of the early series at ALL. David's a little pudgier and I would like to give him a haircut but OMG, it was David Duchovny.

The energy level of the panel wasn't terribly high because the movie is still in production as of this minute, and this is one of their few weekends off, and they had flown up just for the con. Chris Carter mentioned that he had gotten about 15 minutes of sleep in the last 24 hours. They showed an early trailer for the movie which looked kind of thrown together, but duh, the filming isn't even done yet. They wouldn't confirm or deny who is in the movie (someone specifically asked about Nick Lea) but CC did mention that no one actually ever dies in TXF. David said that he would call Nick and tell him that people were asking about him because he would get a kick out of it.

I couldn't believe that nobody asked about baby no longer baby William!

Carter wants to do more movies... the 2012 date from the end of the series is looming large in their minds. This is a stand-alone movie but it doesn't sound like they completely ignore the arc component.

Yay GM just texted me back and said that she would send me the pictures when she got home :)
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